Closet Basics

If you’re like me, you have WAY too many clothes. I still go in my closet and can’t ever find what to wear, and I have finally learned why! I was LACKING basics! When I say basics I mean pieces of clothing that can mix and match and that you can wear with any other piece in your closet.

When I think about my classic cami that I own in blush, black, and white, I think about adding a cardigan or a jacket, putting my favorite bralette under it, adding any pair of jeans (high waisted, low rise, mom jean) or leggings, either tucking in the shirt or leaving it untucked, dressing it down with sneakers or dressing it up with booties, wearing it with shorts and sandals in the summer, or adding a hat and a scarf in the winter.

That cami is the item I purchased for my closet last summer that actually inspired this post because once I started wearing it, I realized just how versatile it is all year-round and now it has become one of my most worn items. I am going to lay out some basics that I think every woman should have in her closet so you can simplify your current wardrobe and take the stress out of getting dressed.

Now let’s talk about color real quick- I LOVE color in my wardrobe. However, I realized I didn’t have enough neutrals because when I spend money on a clothing item, I don’t want to just get “boring black”. How wrong I was to think that, because as soon as I started purchasing those neutral, basic colors, I was able to wear them even more than those bright colors. I will always have my colorful pieces, but as far as basics go, the only color you want to purchase is a light pink or mauve color. Basics should be fully stocked in black, white, and grey. This way, you can always layer or add in colorful pieces with them, but you won’t get stuck needing a black cami to go over that raspberry colored bralette (as pictured).






If you have any questions about basics or why I left something out or including something you wouldn’t have, definitely contact me! I love my wardrobe now that I have so many great basics in it and I hope this inspires you to simplify your wardrobe with the basics!

xoxo, jess