The Coatigan

Can you believe January is almost over?! I can LOL January is always the LONGEST month for me because after the holidays, what is there expect freezing cold temps and dreary days?

Well, this year, we have the COATIGAN! I just picked mine up last weekend and let me tell you guys, I have worn it NON-STOP.


Coatigan: noun. A long cardigan for women, made of thick yarn and designed to be worn as a coat. ... 'Made for ladies on the move, our hand-knit textured coatigan is as warm as any coat but as comfortable as a cardigan.'

The coatigan is perfect for transitioning into fall/winter, and from winter to spring so it’s a great purchase! It’s plenty warm when layered underneath, but isn’t so warm that you’re too hot in the spring! I find that having a basic item like this in your closet will expand your wardrobe more than you realize.

Mine is linked here but I will add some other options for you to shop from different retailers!