Swimsuits Under $20

I know it’s only February, but what better time to go ahead and stock up on the cutest swimmies for this season? Trending now are the most flattering swimstyles EVER.  High waisted, high cut leg, and cute one-pieces.  I am so thankful these styles are back in fashion because they are so flattering on EVERY body.  Low cut bikinis and those thong bikini bottoms that were so “in” a few years ago just don’t do anything to accentuate and flatter your best parts!

Maybe that’s why “mom jeans” are back in style as well... Moms really do know best!

disclaimer: Yes, I am modeling all of these bathing suits myself! I wanted to make sure you know I actually bought all of these swimmies myself and tried them on! I am usually a 0/25 in jeans/shorts, and an XS top. I ordered a size S in all of these suits and this is how they look on me.  At the bottom of all of these photos, I have a “shop the post” section where you can purchase each swimmie for yourself!

My absolute favorite bikini is the black, high waisted pompom and mesh detail one. It is an exact dupe of one from Revolve Tularusa bikini, which runs $80 for just the top. NO thanks! Here is also another dupe from Amazon that is under $30 that everyone also loves!

I have one complaint about the one that is super colorful and high waisted: the top knots in the front, but it is still too big on me (IBTC) so I had to have my mom sew it smaller around! And it’s perfect now. Just keep that in mind! All the other ones fit perfectly!

I got all of these bikinis from the same retailer. Shipping takes a few weeks but it’s cheap and I think they are SO worth it! I usually don’t keep swimsuits longer than a season or two, and I have never been able to spend a lot of money on just one. When shopping from this retailer, it’s important to read reviews and if an item has not been reviewed, use your best judgement!