Planner Organization

I could not survive without my planner. I have tried almost all of them under the moon, and even tried bullet journaling for a long time, which was so much fun! I want to share my planner organization tips and advice on decorating a planner because sometimes it can be daunting staring at the blank week staring back at you.

The Planner Itself

Right now, I am using a Lilly Pulitzer planner that I love. Her planners are so colorful and fun, and I love the artwork on each week and the gold ring binding.

My absolute favorite planner, though, is The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley (ALL THE HEART EYES). I am impatient for 2020 so I can buy another one of Emily Ley’s again! I used the one linked in college because it’s an hourly schedule and I love planning my days hourly like that, so you can make an order of what tasks you need to achieve. Her regular weekly layouts are just as amazing and gorgeous, and I’ll probably switch to that next year since I no longer have as many free days to work hourly since I’m an adult 8-5 worker now LOL.

I’ve also heard amazing things about the Erin Condren planners, but I have never personally tried them out. I think they are too big and chunky since I usually take mine with me to work, but they are also a great price point and I love their layouts and you can personalize the covers. I will be deciding between Emily Ley and Erin Condren next year probably!

The Decorating Tools

This is the fun part! I like to start by choosing a color scheme with grey and black. My favorite weeks are the ones where I used monochrome colors. If I choose blue, I will use a dark blue pen and a light blue pen, and then I will make all of my stickers have blue in them too. I use stickers first and then plan out my todos for the week, my weekly goals, my workout schedule, any events, my blog posts, even when I want to whiten my teeth. I only use the color pens to accent titles and lists on my week, and then I use one black pen throughout the week so I am not carrying multiple pens with me all the time.

The Process

Sunday nights are my jam when it comes to planning my week! I sit down with all of my pens and stickers and just start decorating. I follow my moods and sometimes I want simple and plain, and other times I want orange colors and multiple colors together. Something I’ve learned is not to worry about where I put my todo list, and I only use the days as suggestions. I put my workout routine on the certain days, but I will have a weekly todo list on Wednesday’s space, and my weekly goals on Friday’s space just because it looks nice. Just have fun with it!

And my biggest tip- actually look at your planner every day! I am so guilty of planning out my ideal week, and then all of a sudden it’s Friday and I realized I haven’t opened my planner back up all week! When I do, I see missed goals or something on my todo list that I forgot about and that doesn’t make for a good start to the weekend!

Here are some examples from my own planner:

And of course, choosing to just write down your tasks and schedule in black pen forever is great too, I just love decorating and being creative, and it’s cute when I go back and look through my old planners and see what my goals were and what I was doing each day! I treat my planner like a diary and that’s why I love decorating every week. Have fun with it!

xoxo, jess