On Trend: Mom Jeans

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, all you’ve seen lately is denim! I covered how to style a denim jacket last week, so now I want to give you some tips on rocking the “mom jean” trend that is so popular now!

I usually opt for a crop top to wear since they are so high rise, but if I don’t want to wear a crop top, I will choose to tuck in a shirt or wear a body suit. These jeans look great even when a shirt isn’t cropped or tucked in, but I prefer mine to be tucked in! I think it just slims you out even more instead of wearing a baggy shirt over your hips and a pair of loose fitting jeans. Another fun way to wear them is with heels! This dresses them up and I’ve seen a LOT of girls pull this off perfectly- just be confident! They look so adorable with my favorite pink heels and classic with a pair of nude heels as well!

My mom jeans in particular are actually not sold today. I got mine from Poshmark for $40; they are vintage Levi’s 501s, and they are actually 2 sizes too big, but I spent $10 to have the waist taken in by my local tailor!

Here are a few ways I have styled mine:


Here are some of my favorite mom jeans you can buy today, and a super similar pair that are almost identical to mine!

Here is everything else I’m wearing in the above photos: