Travel Necessities

  1. Staying hydrated is key while traveling!  That’s why I take this water bottle with me everywhere I go.  I make sure to drink an entire bottle before TSA (since you can’t take liquids through) and then refill it while waiting to board the plane.  Just make sure you go to the restroom before you board too.  This ensures you will stay hydrated during your flight and you don’t have to spend $7 on a bottled water… unless you want to do that then go for it.

  2. This hanging toiletry organizer will come in handy more than you think! My mom has this and it is always SO easy for her to travel.  She packs all of her toiletries and makeup in this thing, rolls it up, and then when she gets to the hotel she just puts the hook on the back of the bathroom door on on the towel rack and everything is in one place! SO much easier.

  3. These travel bottles with clear case are perfect for when you need your shower stuff in a carry-on. They are flexible and the clear case allows TSA to see what is in there and how many ounces you are boarding with!

  4. Neck pillow: Every time I fly longer than an hour I tell myself I’ll buy a neck pillow before my next trip.  I am that person that has a neck cramp and a gaping mouth trying to nap on a plane.  It’s so embarrassing, and having a neck pillow is such a lifesaver when you just want a little shut-eye on your flight! This one is memory foam, has amazing reviews, and is SO comfy!

  5. This passport holder with travel wallet is absolutely necessary for international travel.  You don’t need all your store credit cards abroad, so don’t waste precious carry-on space and get this! Hold your passport and your plane tickets and multiple cards all in one slim little wallet! Not to mention the rose gold option they have #drooling.

  6. Obviously, you need a suitcase.  This one has stellar reviews, comes in 3 sizes, and even has organizational pockets inside, which is pretty hard to come by when looking for hard shell suitcases. 

  7. I swear by these packing cubes from amazon!  They are the thing that you didn’t know you needed until you use them once and wonder how you ever traveled before them! They keep everything so neat; no more digging through all of your belongings in the suitcase and destroying your neatly folded clothes.  I put bathing suits and sunscreen and my rolled up sunhat in one, my shirts in another, bottoms in another, etc.  They even have a drawstring bag for shoes or to add dirty clothes to as your trip ends!

  8. This lip mask is AMAZING.  It WORKS, people! I always get chapped lips on airplane trips no matter how hydrated I stay, and depending on the climate of my destination.  Just apply this during your flight and you will be amazed at how soft it makes your lips! I sleep with this on my lips every single night and it helps them stay soft and hydrated even when wearing lipstick All day, every day!

  9. A jewelry organizer is your solution to traveling with dainty necklaces! The one I linked is perfect because it has elastic loops that make sure the necklaces don’t get tangled halfway down, and a pouch for the ends to fall into so they don’t fall out of the sides.  It also has room for earrings, rings, and bracelets! The best part? It folds up the size of a wallet!

  10. Everytime I go anywhere longer than a night, my clean and dirty undie pack is always going with me.  I got mine from Victoria’s Secret YEARS ago, but this one was the best option I could find available now! Seriously, I don’t know how I ever went anywhere before this.  Anyone who has seen it thinks it is the cutest thing ever and always asks about it, so it’s definitely a hot commodity!

  11. This carry on bag that attaches to suitcase handle is one of the most genius items I’ve ever come across.  It comes in so many cute prints, and is large enough to fit a laptop and everything else you may need on the flight with you! I love that it connects to the suitcase, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off the top while running through the airport and walking around a city to your hotel.  It’s the little things in life that make the most difference!

    12. These eye masks are so effective, cooling, and a perfect way to end a flight! I know a lot of people who use them in flight, but I prefer to use them the night I arrive at my destination.  Airplane rides and travel is really hard on the body, and those designer under-eye bags you rock day one of your trip can be pretty annoying.  These are a great way to keep those in check! They come wrapped in packs of two, so toss one or two packs in your suitcase and plan on a relaxing first night at your destination.

xoxo, jess