Fall Favorites: Best Jeans & Flats

It's officially September!! We all know what that means... trying to wear your fall clothes while it's still not technically cold enough... It'll be summer here in NC until November so I've got a long time until I can wear all the cute sweaters and booties I've been picking up, BUT a great pair of jeans and some comfortable flat shoes are ALWAYS in season!! 

Today I'm sharing some of my Fall Favorites, this week focusing on my all time favorite jeans and my new fall shoes! 


Look how beautiful my babies are (the shoes)!! They are all SO comfortable and no joke I've worn all of them already and they require ZERO break-in time! I walk all day for my job currently so wearing a brand new pair of shoes is the ultimate test for comfort- all of these pass with flying colors! The best part: all are under $50! I got the tassel fringe pair from a boutique and all of the rest of them from Target.  The Target brand 'A New Day' has been blowing me away lately with their cute designs and great quality! 

Leopard loafers        Vintage Black Two Piece Flats         Tan loafers         Red Two Piece Flats         Snake Print Flats     Tassel Fringe Flats

These jeans are from FashionNova, and I ordered my first pair on a whim when a friend mentioned them to me.  I was very sceptical because the models on the website look so fake and unnatural... and I'm not shaped like that: 

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 6.54.40 PM.png

Like... no offense if you look like that but the website looks like a scam.  BUT IT'S NOT.  I bought my first pair, and then my second, then my third and fourth and I now own FIVE pair of their jeans.  They are all under $50, and I actually got all of mine at around $20 because they always have great sales and when you buy one pair, it comes with a coupon in the mail! 

These are all of mine: 


These two pair are my everyday jeans in medium wash and in dark wash. For reference, I am a size 25R or 0R in all jeans and in these, I am a size 3 and they fit perfect! I was scared they would be too big since the size 1 was just a tad too tight, but they are perfect on and stay perfect all day! I love these because they look very nice on- not too much like 'jeggings' and not like a super thick denim either.  


These are the first pair I bought from FashionNova and they are my go-to distressed jean.  These are a size 1.  I love how open the holes are and it makes them so easy to wear and actually so comfortable! 


I have these jeans in white and black, and these feel more like 'jeggings' than all the other ones do.  I wear a size 1 in these as well. They are thinner material but that makes them super comfortable as well! Side note: don't wear colorful undies with the white jeans... but hopefully you don't wear colorful undies with anything light color while we are on the topic...

SO to sum all that up: I am obsessed with FashionNova jeans because they are under $40 (under $30 if you sign up for emails) and they always hold their shape.  They fit magically and the high waist on them is glorious!  My shoes are replacing all of my old round toe flats I've no joke owned since my hostessing job in high school.  That was almost 7 years ago by the way.  I am so excited to share my first round of Fall Favorites with you all and, as always, give me feedback and let me know what else you want to see! 

xoxo, jess