Birthday Theme: 23 Facts About Me


My 23rd birthday is on September 27th, so I wanted to share 23 completely random things you most likely don’t know about me! Let me know if you have any of these things in common with me :)

  1. I’m ambidextrous: I write with my left hand, and do most everything else with my right hand. I can play most sports with both hands!

  2. I have never broken any bones.

  3. My favorite food: Cheese. Cheesy anything at any time of day.

  4. I’ve owned 11 hamsters in my life, 2 guinea pigs, 4 hermit crabs, countless fish, and now I just have a dog.

  5. I plan everything. When I was a kid I used to write out my entire morning routine on my chalkboard with times and follow it every morning.

  6. I wanted to be a lawyer my entire childhood. I have SO much respect for a BA female lawyer in today’s world!

  7. I feel my best and most confident in some pumps and a pencil skirt.

  8. I only wash clothes if they are actually dirty. My mom taught me that when I was kid because I used to change outfits 5 times a day and throw everything in the dirty clothes basket.

  9. I was THAT kid at birthday parties who wanted vanilla ice cream and didn’t like milk/dark chocolate. I only started liking chocolate cake and ice cream in college!

  10. I have one tattoo and I always forget it’s there. I got it the Monday after I turned 18 and if I could get it removed for no cost I probably would- It’s just not that important to me.

  11. I used to tell myself when I was a little girl I’d be married with kids by 25. Here I am barely able to handle a pomeranian.

  12. I’ve been made fun of my entire life for being super skinny. I tried my hardest to gain muscle ever since I can remember, and am only just now in the past few years beginning to not take people telling me I’m little as an insult.

  13. The cleanest room in my apartment is always the kitchen. I can have the rest of the place cluttered but if the kitchen is cluttered or dirty I can’t breathe.

  14. I don’t have a sweet tooth. I cut out sugar in college and now rarely eat it, and I haven’t had sugar cravings in years. It’s the most freeing feeling!

  15. I could go the rest of my life without eating chicken and red meat, but I LOVE fish.

  16. I actually hate chicken because I ate it so much in college… I haven’t enjoyed chicken in years.

  17. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast for lunch or dinner.

  18. I do intermittent fasting. My eating window currently is 11AM-8PM. I don’t eat breakfast when I wake up, and make a delish brunch at 11AM.

  19. I hate going to the OBGYN for my yearly check up so much that I always get asked if my blood pressure is usually “this high” and I have to explain that “my heart rate is so high because I hate this so much” every year.

  20. I have a huge gnarly scar on my left pointer finger from slicing my hand open while trying to remove a seed from an avocado, and not getting stitches because my father is a caveman and doesn’t feel like stitches are “necessary”.

  21. I’m super rough with my hands and if I don’t have thick gel nail polish on I will break at least 2 nails in just 24 hours. It happens every time!

  22. I am super nostalgic about my childhood and family. I can cry on the spot thinking about how amazing my childhood was and how amazing my parents have always been.

  23. I talk way too fast. It takes immense effort for me to talk slow enough for people to understand what I’m saying.

Okay! That’s it… Super random I know! But isn’t that what makes this fun :)