My Fitness Routine

Can I start with a disclaimer?!? I am not perfect, nor am I claiming that I stick to this exact schedule every single day.  If I did claim that, I would get called out by those who know me best that sometimes my lazy side kicks in and I don't stick to my normal routine.  

That being said, I do a pretty good job of keeping to my schedule.  I only let myself have 2 rest days a week, and my workouts are short enough to still be SUPER intense for me but not too long that I start making excuses to not get them done every day! 

Now that that's out of the way, here's my current fitness routine that I've been sticking to for the past few months and am still really enjoying! *side note: if you want more information, see my earlier post here that explains what HIIT is and gives more of my fitness background!*


My favorite cardio is jump rope, and I have tried many but found this one to be my favorite (it's the one you see in the photos). If you can do it as fast as you can for at least one minute at a time, you'll be so surprised at how high your heart rate can go! I could barely jump rope 20 times in a row when I first picked it up a few months ago and it's so encouraging to see how far I've come, so don't quit if you don't do so well the first few days! 

Note that this is my USUAL schedule, but it is subject to change.  Some weeks I use Wednesdays as my rest days, and others I use Wednesday as a heavy weight leg day which means I skip the second HIIT leg day circuit until the next week.  For example: this past week, I kept to my schedule for the most part, but had a few sleepy moorings so I used my rest days Wednesday-Thursday and resumed workouts Friday and through the weekend! 

I hope my schedule helps you fine tune your fitness routine! The most important thing is to not schedule my rest days ahead of time- I allow myself 2 a week and don't force myself to complete a workout if I am honestly not feeling up to it, and use that day as a rest day! I've found this to be the easiest and most effective way to really stick to a workout plan and not fall off my bandwagon. 

xoxo, jess

Workout attire is linked on this photo under my 'Fashion' tab!

Workout attire is linked on this photo under my 'Fashion' tab!

I incorporate The Fit Yogi Trainer guide 3-4 out of my 5 total workout days, and HIGHLY recommend her eBook.  It's a one time purchase and you download the app onto your phone so you never have to worry about not having a workout plan! This is great for traveling, as most of the workouts can be modified to do in a hotel room with little-to-no equipment.

Monday- HIIT with leg focus (25 minutes), yoga strength drill (5 minutes), hips/legs yoga sequence (15 minutes)

Tuesday- HIIT arms and core (20 minutes), yoga strength drill (5 minutes), upper body stretch yoga sequence (15 minutes)

Wednesday- Same as Monday

Thursday- Heavy weight leg day (barbell hip thrusts, squats, smith machine split squats, deadlifts)

Friday- Same as Tuesday

Saturday- Take the dog for a long fast paced walk at least 3 miles, or run a mile (I'm in no way, shape, or form a runner, but I like to do a mile a week of running just to get better!)

Sunday- Whatever I feel like.  Usually another random lower intensity work out of whatever muscle groups aren't sore, or take a class like Pure Barre, or just eat a pizza and have a whiskey smash because #reallife.