Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is May 12th- which is less than a month away! Time to order some goodies for the woman who gave up her own body and the rest of her life for you! I specifically had my mom in mind while adding most of these to the list, but I also included a gift basket for a momma-to-be and tried to include different pieces that any mother would love to get on mother’s day! Also note, I only added 3 pieces of jewelry because I know that’s the “go-to” mother’s day gift, but I wanted to think outside the box and make a gift guide full of USEFUL items because the best gifts are sometimes the most random ones that you use the most!

You can click on any item in the photo and it will take you directly to the product page to order. Below this image I have descriptions of what each item is and why your mom would love this gift!

  1. Universal Wine Glasses: If mom enjoys a glass of vino in the evenings, these are for her! They are made to enhance the flavor in both red and white, so she doesn’t have to think about which glass to use after a long day when she’s deciding between red and white.

  2. Alex and Ani Mom Bracelets: I bought these for my mom last year, and she wears it all the time! I have started gifted her Alex and Ani’s for at least one holiday a year and she loves wearing them all together. Who doesn’t love these?!

  3. Silk Pillowcase: I have one of these and LOVE it. I notice a difference in my face and my hair especially when I sleep on a regular cotton pillowcase now when I don’t have my Silk one from home. My mom would love this- yours will too! They are anti-aging, prevent wrinkles of your skin, protect your fragile hair while sleeping, and they are SO soft and comfortable! Bonus- buy her this silk detergent that smells amazing for the pillowcase! Best kid ever.

  4. Ember Coffee Mug: I’ve heard amazing things about this mug- if your mom drinks coffee but you see her put it in the microwave every hour (who doesn’t?) then she would appreciate this! It keeps coffee at a temperature of your choice from an app on your phone! How awesome is that?!

  5. Mom-to-be Gift Box: For the moms-to-be, this gift box is such a thoughtful gift! They will feel so spoiled and their Mother’s Days are just beginning.

  6. Luxury Spa Gift Box: I love this idea for mom to pamper herself a little extra. And how simple to just buy her this box and its put together adorably and has everything she needs for some relaxing evenings!

  7. Healthy Chocolate Hazelnut Spread: This is so random LOL but I saw it on Amazon and immediately wanted to try it- it’s a healthy Nutella! No sugar added, so perfect for the mom who is trying to stay healthy but loves chocolate!

  8. Iridescent Electric Wax Melter: I have this in my living room because my mom has always loved these things. She has like FIVE around the house and she always has them on. For Christmas she asked for wax melts and that was it. These are perfect because they make your home smell amazing but don’t have an open flame! Such a simple way mom can keep her home smelling fresh.

  9. Best Mom Ever Mug: This is so pretty! I love the bright florals and of course your mom is the best mom ever so this is such a perfect and simple gift if you don’t want to splurge on the Ember mug.

  10. Loafer Slippers: Slippers are always a great idea for mom! These are loafer style so they won’t slip off easily, and they have gel insoles. So comfy!

  11. Kitchen Towel: This one 100% speaks for itself. I don’t know about you, but my mom is ALWAYS right and always was! This is the perfect reminder that you finally realize that after all the years you didn’t believe her.

  12. Personalized Soy Candle: I don’t know of anyone who hates candles, and this one is sweet because you’re not just getting her a random Glade candle… you’re personalizing it! And every time she lights it she will see that she is home and what mom doesn’t want to hear that from her child.

  13. Momma Bear Necklace: I am obsessed with this. You can choose the metal and how many “baby bears” mom has. I think this is the cutest idea ever! And it ships same day which is SO great if you’re a little behind or need it ASAP!

  14. Family Tree Necklace: Well I said I was obsessed with the Momma Bear necklace… but I am SO obsessed with this one! You can add birthstones of your siblings and it makes a beautiful necklace. I love this idea and it’s such a special gift!

I hope you are able to find inspiration for your Mother’s day present, but remember: If you don’t buy her anything, please at least write her a letter or a card and tell her how much you love her! Make her year, because she gave you life.

xoxo, jess